SnapBots Crypto Wallet Review — How To Store Your Bitcoin Safely

2021 Bitcoin Trends

So, what’s to be expected in 2021? Here are five major trends to watch for in Bitcoin this year.

Bitcoin Halving 2020
The Bitcoin halving coming in May is a key aspect of the bull case for Bitcoin in 2021. This is a scheduled occurrence that takes place roughly every four years where the number of new Bitcoin generated around every ten minutes is cut in half. Instead of 12.5 Bitcoin being included as a subsidy for miners in every block, 6.25 Bitcoin will now be generated instead.

Opinions are split in terms of thoughts on how this event will affect the Bitcoin price and whether it’s already priced into the market. Either way, it should be noted that the only two previous halvings in Bitcoin’s history led to significant appreciations in the crypto asset’s price in the months that followed

Bitcoin’s Transition to Digital Gold
Bitcoin has been referred to as digital gold for a number of years, but 2021 was the year when that meme became much more realistic. In fact, the idea of Bitcoin as digital gold became so prevalent in 2019 that U.S. Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA) claimed the crypto asset may be a threat to the U.S. dollar’s dominance in the global economy

Institutional Money
And, of course, the final Bitcoin trend to watch in 2020 is adoption by institutional investors. Adoption from institutions has been hyped for many years, but this is not something that happens overnight.

One analyst to believe that a Bitcoin ETF approval could be right around the corner. In addition, large companies such as Tesla and Microstrategy have stated that they are storing their reserve assets in Bitcoin

SnapBots Crypto Wallet

Staking, what I like about SnapBot is, instead of just storing our crypto in an exchange that doesn’t give interest, by storing it on SnapBots we can enjoy staking programs. By staking we have the opportunity to receive weekly to monthly rewards.

Security, SnapBots has been equipped with KYC, and a double confirmation when we make a withdrawal. The confirmation code will be sent to our email and also we have to enter the authenticator code, it makes very difficult for our funds or accounts to be stolen.


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