OpenOcean — The Invincible DEX And CEX Aggregator

OpenOcean The World’s Leading DeFi and CeFi Aggregator

Today, there are many DEX aggregators out there, but there are still many limitations and drawbacks. This includes not supporting cross-chain, not integration into CEX exchanges. Price comparisons is one of the biggest challenges in the DeFi space. The asset prices of DEX and CEX are different and users often have difficulty comparing prices between different trading platforms.

Another problem is the lack of tools to support investment strategies such as spreads and CTAs. Most of the trading instruments on DEX are incomplete and unfriendly to individual and institutional investors. Insufficient liquidity in AMM leads to high slippage

OpenOcean is the world’s first #DeFi & #CeFi full aggregator. OpenOcean’s intelligent routing algorithm finds the best price and low slippage for traders across centralized and decentralized exchanges with no additional fees. OpenOcean removes the existing fragmentation in the DeFi ecosystem by giving users access to the entire #crypto market through one user-friendly interface. Users enjoy full access to aggregated liquidity and best prices from various centralized exchange such as Binance Exchange, Coinbase, Deribit and decentralized exchanges of major Blockchain Netwrok such as Balancer, Pancakeswap, Quickswap and many more.

Supported Decentalized Exchange

Currently, no aggregator can compare to OpenOcean in terms of features. For example, 1-inch Exchange and Matcha are Dex aggregators but only supported with fewer Blockchains Network. In addition, it does not support CEX exchange. The 1 inch exchange focuses on Ethereum and BSC networks for DEX aggregation but OpenOcean supports all public chains.

Supported Blockchain Network

OpenOcean also opens up arbitrage opportunities for traders to make some profit between DEX and CEX. In addition, the API connection allows traders to plan and execute their custom trading strategies with an attractive user interface.

OpenOcean allows users to choose their wallet to trade at the best price on DEX or CEX as their preference. OpenOcean users doesn’t need to have a specific CEX account as they can trade on CEX using an OpenOcean account.

According to rumors on Blockchain and crypto forum, OpenOcean will provide derivatives trading, lending, and insurance. The future may extend beyond Yearn Finance.

With all explaination that I have mentioned above, there is no doubt to say “OpenOcean Is The Invincible Full Aggregator

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